Cohort-10 Hiring Day Recap

Cohort-10's hiring day took place on November 24th regrouping our graduates, senior developers and recruiters all in one place. This event is the culmination of an intensive 8-week program where our students present their final projects.

Cohort 10 - New Talented Web Developers

Our eleven graduates successfully completed this final chapter of the program showing off their hard work!


From left to right - 1st row: Michael Jang, Tim Zulkarnain, Grace Scharf, Maxime Lussier, Diana Chiu, Alberto Lacera, Stefan Kovac; 2nd row: Bashu Naimi-Roy, Nelson Davis, Jacques Le Normand (teacher), Jordan Rooks (Teacher Assistant), Matthieu Veillon; missing from the picture: Ulysses Bakolias

The Final Projects

The afternoon started with the presentation of four different projects.


MAPFOLIO - Project Management Dashboard

Team: Nelson Davis, Ulysses Bakolias and Stefan Kovac
Front-End: React.js, HTML5, CSS
Back-End: Firebase


Mapfolio is an web-based application created for residential development project managers. This app differentiate itself by offering a seamless experience to the user reuniting all projects into one single dashboard. From adding new projects to managing their evolution and development, the app provides a user-friendly interface where you can track every step.

The team ended the presentation by opening the discussion to the various possibilities that this new app can provide. It could not only be useful for residential developers but for event coordinators, food truck owners and much more.

FOOMENU - Find the best restaurant for your favourite meal

Team: Diana Chiu, Alberto Lacerda, Michael Jang
Front-End: React.js
Back-End: Node.js


The web app is a mobile responsive clone Zomato API. It has information about restaurants, their locations and individual menu items.

You are craving a burger and want to find the best one in town? Foomenu is your go-to app.

DIRTI.CA - Product Toxicity Evaluation

Team: Maxime Lussier and Matthieu Veillon
Front-End: React.js, Google Vision API
Back-End: Firebase


Have you ever wondered if the products you are using on a daily basis are toxic? This is the question that Max and Matt asked themselves when they thought about creating

This web application uses a lean and mobile responsive UI to show the users if the product they are using is toxic. You only have to take a picture of the list of ingredients and the tool will let you know if it’s good or bad and which ingredients are on the blacklist. In addition to let the users know if they made a good choice, the app will display the bad ingredients in a decreasing order of toxicity level.

Is you hair shampoo toxic? I know what I’ll do when I get home!

NOCTJOURNAL - Web App for Short-Form Journaling

Team: Grace Scharf, Bashu Naimi-Roy, Tim Zulkarnain
Front-End: React.js
Back-End: Node.js, MySQL


Do you wish you had more time to reflect? NoctJournal is a web application for short-form journaling. It allows you to track your daily mood, highlights and personal efforts to improve your situation.

The mobile responsive web app shows your entries over time, allows you to edit them if you realize you forgot something and much more.

Take some time to reflect on your day and make adjustments to improve your general mood with NoctJournal.

Watch a demo here:

Networking Session

The event ended with a networking session where graduates and employers could connect to discuss the projects and hiring opportunities. Many positive outcomes resulted from the different new connections made and even on-the-spot interviews.



Another Hiring Day ended on a positive note. DecodeMTL and all of the students made wonderful new connections that will certainly help them in the future. We were excited to see how many people showed up and wish to see everyone again at the next event.

Are you looking for Web Development talent or you are just curious about Hiring Day? Find out the date of the next event and register here:

We hope to see you there!