The Admissions Process at DecodeMTL

Applying to DecodeMTL is the first step towards opening up a whole world of opportunities. You’ve likely heard many success stories of people who have changed their lives by learning to code (read alumni stories here) and perhaps now you’d like to do the same. So how do you begin this journey? By applying, of course!

The application process at DecodeMTL is exactly that: a process. In this article, we will be going through each step in detail so that you know what to expect and how to prepare. It's important to emphasize that we want you to succeed. We are here to provide all the necessary tools and to support you along the way - as long as you are dedicated you can’t go wrong.

Step 1: Apply Online

Visit the application page on our website and apply or click here. The form will ask for your basic information as well as which upcoming cohort you wish to join. Next, you will be asked your level of technical knowledge and your goals for after the bootcamp. Neither of these are evaluative, we just want to know where you stand.

The last step is a brief paragraph about yourself. In this section we would like you to tell us about your background, your aspirations, and why you would like to attend our bootcamp. Please take a few minutes to write details in this section, rushing through it does not leave the best first impression.


Step 2: First Interview

If your application is selected to move forward, you will receive an email from us to schedule a Google Hangout. This virtual meeting will serve as an opportunity to learn more about you, and vice versa. We call it an interview, but there’s no need to stress! We want to learn about your background, your education, why you are applying, and where you would like to end up after. We will also make sure that you understand the intensity of the bootcamp and that you are up for the challenge.

The bootcamp consists of a several weeks of hard work. We only accept students who are ready to commit to long days, intense learning, and hands on experience. The first interview is your time to tell us how committed you are - this is one thing we cannot help with!

Step 3: Prepare & Begin Learning

To prepare you for a successful technical interview (to be discussed next), we have put together a free Prep Course. The Prep Course walks you step by step from setting up your computer, to learning programming fundamentals, and basic JavaScript. All of the resources within the Prep Course are free and will not expire. Typically, the course takes 40-60 hours to complete.

Access to the Prep Course will be given after an initial contact has been made with DecodeMTL, whether that be by phone, email, or in-person visit. This is an amazing resource that will save you lots of time - you will not need to search for the right tools yourself, the basics will be given to you free of charge.

People who don’t know how to code should not be afraid of applying. We will give you the tools to guide you down the right path before you even spend a dollar.

Step 4: The Technical Interview

Once you feel you have mastered the Prep Course, it is time to schedule your technical interview with one of our Teaching Assistants. This will last approximately 45 minutes to an hour and can be done in-person or by Google Hangout.

During this interview, we are testing three main areas:

  • Problem solving skills: Think like a developer! We want to get an idea of how you break down and ultimately solve a problem. Be ready to think out loud and walk us step-by-step through your process. What matters here is how you break down the problem, not your final solution.

  • HTML & CSS: Build it! You will build a static website before your interview using HTML and CSS. The interviewer will ask you some questions about how you built it.

  • JavaScript: This the the core of the interview (and of the bootcamp!). Here you will be asked to solve 10 to 12 JavaScript based problems.

Let the Technical Interview serve as a checkpoint for your skills. If you don't pass, don’t get discouraged - take the feedback you receive, practice some more, and try again!


Step 5: Final Steps

Depending on the results of the Technical Interview, there may be a few more steps before admission. This could be a technical session with our lead instructor, or another call with an Admissions Advisor.

The entire process, including your learning, can take a few months. For this reason we strongly recommend planning in advance and leaving enough time between your first steps in applying, to your desired Bootcamp start date. For example, if you wish to join a Cohort in January, begin the application process in October.

Overall, we do not want you to stress out or panic over the process. It requires commitment but you will learn and improve your skillset - before the bootcamp even begins!

If you feel ready, go ahead and apply now! If you'd like to learn more, schedule a visit and come see us in person! We look forward to receiving your application!