Difference between Web Development and Web Design

Considering a career in Web Development or Design? First off, you need to understand that these are two entirely different roles, and require entirely different skills sets.

Let's keep this simple. This is the main thing a Web Developer does on a daily basis:

Write code --> Click here to see example of someone writing code

Web Development

And the following is true of a Web Designer:

Create visual designs --> Click here to see a web designer in action

Now let's dive deeper into why you should choose one career path over the other.

You should consider a career as a Web Designer if:

  • You are a visual person and very attentive to detail
  • You have an interest in things like colour theory and typography
  • You appreciate when things are user friendly and aesthetically beautiful

Web Design

You should consider a career as a Web Developer if:

  • You love to problem solve
  • You have no problem reading lots of  documentation
  • You are resourceful (know how to use google 🤓)

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