Concordia X DecodeBootcamp

A rigorous, part time, nights & weekends program built to get you a job as a Web Developer in 24 weeks.

Next bootcamp starts: Mar 19th 2019

Concordia University

Built in partnership with Concordia Continuing Education, the Concordia x Decode Bootcamp is an effective way to launch a career as a Front-End Web Developer without quitting your day job. Courses are held at Concordia University and you will receive a Concordia University Diploma in Front-End Web Development upon graduating.


The Front-End Web Development Program is comprised of 6 modules. Each module will conclude with a project to demonstrate your mastery of the concepts.

Module 1: Learning Mindset, HTML & CSS

Is it possible to improve your intelligence? Are some people just naturally good developers? In module 1, we will explore the mindset you need to succeed in this program. We will also explore HTML & CSS, where you will develop a fully responsive website using modern techniques and styling. Your final project for this module will be to build a pixel perfect web page from a set of provided design files.

Module 2: Debugging, Testing & JavaScript Fundamentals

In module 2, you will explore fundamental programming concepts in JavaScript like types, variables, autonomous functions, and conditional operators. More importantly, you will learn some fundamental programming concepts such as the expansion principle and object diagrams. Through this part of the program you will learn to distrust your intuition and start to structure your thinking around the rules of programming. Lastly, we will go over how to properly debug and test your code, two skills which we will continuously use throughout the program. We will conclude the module with the creation of an interactive browser based application.

Module 3: Interactive Web Pages & jQuery

Due to jQuery’s popularity and ease of use, learning jQuery is a must for all front-end web developers. You will learn how to use the jQuery library to have your webpage update dynamically based off of user interactions. Topics include selection and DOM manipulation. We will conclude this module by creating a two player jQuery based game from scratch.

Module 4: Object Oriented Programming

This module will teach you how to utilize the various object-oriented programming features within JavaScript. Object-oriented programming allows developers to build applications with reusable and maintainable blocks of code, which leads to industry standard software design. This module will conclude with the creation of a browser based game built using object oriented principles.

Module 5: React

In this module, you will learn React. Built by the engineers at Facebook, React is a powerful JavaScript library ideal for building interactive, data-driven user interfaces, and it’s used by some of the most successful brands in the world, including Netflix, Airbnb, and more. This module will conclude with the creation of a interactive marketplace such as Kijiji or Craigslist.

Module 6: Authentication and firebase

In this module you will learn to integrate firebase within your app. This will give you the power to add Facebook and Google authentication to your web application (meaning people can create accounts and log-in). More importantly, you will be able to store information permanently. This module will conclude with the creation of a persistent marketplace, such as Kijiji. It is similar to the previous module, except now the information will be permanently stored.

Tuition & Dates

Mar 19th - Aug 15th
Apply by February 19th
This is a part-time program which runs 6pm-930pm on Tuesdays + Thursdays & 9am-3pm on Saturdays.

Finance your education with a student line of credit

You may be eligible to receive a low-interest student line of credit from the Bank of Montreal.

Click here for more information from the Bank of Montreal.

Typical Week

We take a project based approach to learning. One of the best ways to learn how to code is to write a lot of code! With practice and repetition, over time, you will master concepts that once seemed impossible.

Tuesdays & Thursdays

On weeknights, class-time will be spent with a healthy mix of lecture time, review, and practical work.


Saturdays will be mainly reserved for practical work.

Off days

Keep in mind you will have 15-20 hours of work outside of class every week. Off days are chance to do your homework.

Career Support

After graduation, you'll be connecting with a career advisor for 6 months to help you navigate the job market.


With our help, you will perfect your resume, linkedin profile & online presence.


Get insight on key networking events, and access to our networking of hiring partners.


Master your interview skills with our free 1-1 practice sessions.

Course FAQ

  • Will I receive a diploma after completing this program?
  • Yes! This is a diploma program and upon completing the program requirements you will receive a Front-End Web Development Diploma from Concordia University.
  • What are the requirements to receive the Diploma?
  • You must successfully complete the closing project for each of the six modules and you cannot miss more than 4 classes. Your projects will be reviewed by the instructor.
  • How much is tuition and what does the payment schedule look like?
  • Tuition is $10,995 + applicable taxes. If you are accepted to the program, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance and will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of 20% ($2,199) of the program fees due at the time of registration in order to hold a place in the program. Two weeks prior to the beginning of the program, 40% ($4,398) of the program fees are due. A third and final payment of 40% ($4,398) of the program fees is due no later than 90 days into the program. Note: Tuition Tax receipts (T2202A/Releve 8) will be issued for the program fees paid.
  • What is the admissions process like?
  • We have a simple 3 step admissions process. The first step is to apply online. The more details you provide us, the better. An incomplete or half attempted application may be rejected. Next, you will receive an email from our admissions team to schedule a video call. No need to prep for this. We just want to learn a bit more about you, and your goals, and ensure that this program is a good fit for you. Lastly, we will give you some beginner JavaScript lessons to follow, and ask you to complete a coding challenge at the end of it. You must pass this challenge in order to be admitted into the program.
  • What are the laptop requirements?
  • Mac, Windows, or Linux are all permitted. You need at least 4GB of RAM, an 11 inch or larger screen, and it must be no more than 3 years old.
  • How is this course affiliated with Concordia University?
  • This course is built in partnership with Concordia Continuing Education. You can view the official course page on Concordia's website by clicking here.
  • I have more questions, who can I ask?
  • The best way to contact us is to send an email to [email protected].