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Learn alongside our in-person bootcamp. 8 Weeks, full-time, hyper-intensive learning. Become a Web Developer from home.

Next bootcamp starts: Jul 3rd 2017

  • 400 hours of practical hands-on experience
  • Intensive project based teaching approach
  • Be job ready in 8 weeks

Tuition & Dates

Jul 3rd -  Aug 25th
$2,995Early bird price
Early bird pricing = Beta pricing available for a limited time. Regular price: $7,995

What will you learn?

Programming Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of programming by building various terminal applications. You will have the chance to build a command-line weather app and a command-line Reddit browser that uses the Reddit JSON API.

Databases and Back-End Web Development

In this section, we will concentrate on data modeling and persistence with MySQL. We will also practice exposing data from our database by creating a Reddit.com web server clone using ExpressJS, Node and MySQL.

Front-End Web Development

After having learned how to create a web server that talks to a database, this section will make us practice our design chops as we get in the world of front-end development. By working to bring our previous projects to the front-end world, we will practice various frameworks and tools such as jQuery and React. On the CSS front, we will be building a small responsive framework from scratch, and comparing it to popular frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation.

Build an MVP

In this section, you will work with a team of two to three of your peers to build an MVP. Under the supervision of your instructor and TAs, you will spend two weeks building a web or mobile application using the technologies and skills you have learned. In addition to learning a popular Git workflow, you will also learn about many new topics during this time.

Typical Day

Expect to work 8-12 hours a day, with a mix of lectures, coding, and teamwork.

Class — 10AM

Kick-off your mornings with the rest of the class with a live lecture. Ask questions, see the teacher, and see the teacher’s screen just as if you were physically here.

Lunch — 12PM

Fuel up for the next 8 hours, you'll need it!

Labs — 1PM

In the afternoons, we will assign you the project of the day. Sometimes you will be paired with another student (could be a remote or in-person student), and sometimes you will work alone.

Study — 6PM

Take a dinner break and get right back to coding. Our teaching staff is always available up until 9PM via Chat or Video, so you are constantly connected to the class.

DecodeMTL's full-time bootcamp provided me with the skills and confidence to find my first job in the industry and begin my new career as a Web Developer.

Kayla Henig, Web Developer at Autodesk

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Meet Your Instructor

Ziad Saab

Ziad is a full-stack web developer and educator from Montreal, Canada with over ten years of experience. He's worked for startups, agencies, and large companies. Ziad loves teaching more than anything and is motivated by seeing his students succeed.

Learn the skills needed to build projects like these!


A single page political accountability app. Using React, nodeJS, jQuery, MongoDB, APIs, Parse, HTML and CSS, Citizen is a responsive web-based app to inform you who represents you in government, helps you find out what they're doing in your name and enables you to take action.

Career Support

Your path from beginner to employed web developer starts here. If you’re looking to jump into a career in tech our team will work with you from day one.

Personalized Approach

Tell us your ultimate goal, and we will work together to create a plan of action.

Learn and Build

Learn job relevant skills, build a portfolio of projects, and get resume help.

Network Placement

Get personalized introductions to hiring companies and attend networking events.

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Course FAQ

  • I’m a beginner, can I still apply?
  • Absolutely! We encourage everyone with an interest in programming wanting to join our course to apply, regardless of your skill level. If you have never coded before, we have developed a free prep-course which you can do on your own time before committing to take our course. This is meant to teach you the fundamentals required for our course, as well as give you a taste for what web development is. If you are still unsure whether or not you should apply, we suggest you schedule a visit so we can take the time to speak 1 on 1.
  • How does the application process work?
  • It all starts by submitting an application online. It’s a simple form with a few questions, and only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Once we receive your application, you will receive an email to schedule a video call with a member of our team. There is no need to prepare for this call. We simply want to talk to you in person, learn a bit more about your goals, and discuss the details of our course. After our call, the next step is a technical interview. The technical interview can be done either in person or online, and takes an hour.

    In order to prepare yourself, we have created a free prep-course which you can use as a study guide. In general, it takes about 40-60 hours of practice if you have never coded before to prepare. Once you pass the technical interview, you can join any of our upcoming courses. If you fail, we will give you some feedback and encourage you come back and try again.

  • Why full-stack JavaScript?
  • As full-stack web developers, you will come to write both server-side and browser-side code. Web browsers understand mainly three languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you're going to add any interactivity to web pages, then JavaScript is the only way to go. While there exist other languages that compile to JavaScript, popular libraries like jQuery, Backbone, Angular and React have ensured that JavaScript remains the language of choice for building web applications today.

    As far as server-side development goes -- the part that happens in the background, away from the user's computer -- there are many choices of languages and platforms. Ruby on Rails, Python with Django, PHP with Laravel, Java with Play Framework, etc. Choosing to learn JavaScript with NodeJS for server-side development has many advantages. As a modern web developer, you have to constantly juggle with different parts of the stack at the same time. Having a unified language eases this constant context-switching, and gives us more time to focus on learning interesting things.

    Learning JavaScript does not limit you to the world of web development anymore. Frameworks such as React Native allow you to use JavaScript and a variant of CSS to build native iOS and Android applications. Platforms such as the Tessel Board allow you to write NodeJS-style code to retrieve data from real-world sensors and send commands to actuators, enabling you to prototype home automation solutions with JavaScript.

  • What do I need in terms of hardware/setup?
  • You will need a fast laptop with good quality webcam, reliable fast internet connection, external monitor, and a headset.
  • Why is this course in Beta?
  • It's the first time we run a remote bootcamp, so we are currently operating in beta. The price has been reduced substantially, and we are limiting the amount of participants. However, we do expect the same outcomes for all of our students whether in-person or remote.
  • What's the difference between Decode Remote and other online programs?
  • The key difference is the level of intensity, commitment, and involvement that is required of you to attend Decode Remote. While most other online programs are learn at your own pace options, Decode Remote is an intensive, classroom like experience but from your own home. You will closely work with fellow students and staff, full-time, for 8 weeks, while you master our curriculum. We will then guide you in finding your first developer job.

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