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Our Grads Get Hired

Katarina LingatWeb Developer
Nathaniel KitzkeSoftware Engineer
Melinda YeohBack-End Developer
Kayla FortinFront-End Developer

What will you learn?

Phase 1 - Programming Fundamentals

In this section you will learn how information is stored and manipulated by computer programs. This is the foundation for all other parts of the course. Topics include higher order functions, object oriented programming and the callstack.

Phase 2 - Databases and Back-End Web Development

During this phase, students will learn to create and deploy a webserver with persistent information by leveraging NodeJS with Express, and MongoDB. Basic networking concepts like HTTP will be learned along the way. Students will be able to put their projects on a remote server so that it is accessible online.

Phase 3 - Front-End Web Development

In week four we shift our focus to front-end development, and begin by learning the basics of ReactJS. We put these skills to the work with a number of individual web projects. These projects will introduce new concepts of the React framework, and culminate in learning and implementing Redux. In week five, you will combine your knowledge of front-end and back-end technologies to learn how to create full-stack applications.

Phase 4 - Team Project

In week six, we do a full-stack group project to put together all the tools we’ve seen thus far. Weeks seven and eight are reserved for the final projects that students will demo to the public and potential employers on the final day of the bootcamp. Often these projects are obtained from companies hoping to hire some of our students.

Tuition & Dates

Apr 1st - May 24th
Apply by March 15th
Jun 12th - Sept 6th
Apply by May 15th
This is a full time program which runs 10am-9pm Monday-Friday.
= Must be accepted 30 days or more before the start date to be eligible for early bird pricing. Regular price: $9,995.

Finance your education for as little as $30 per month

You may be eligible to receive a low-interest student line of credit from the National Bank of Canada.

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Course Report

My experience at DecodeMTL was extremely rewarding. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to launch their career in web development.

Typical Day

By focusing as much as possible on project based learning, lecture time is kept to a minimum. You can expect the average day to unfold as follows:

Morning Lecture

Grab a coffee and take a seat. Our mornings ussually kick-off with a lecture where we introduce the day's topics.


Eat your lunch in one of our kitchens while catching a lunch n' learn or dine in one of many downtown Montreal restaurants.


Grab your laptop and a coding partner and get working. Afternoons are spent problem solving and building projects.


Take a dinner break and get right back to coding. We typically have staff around until 9PM. Most students will stick around and continue working.
Read more about our workspace and student housing options.

Meet your teachers


Jacques Le Normand

Lead Instructor

Jordan Rooks

Teaching Assistant

Nadim Islam

Teaching Assistant

Luke Rossy

Teaching Assistant

Career Guarantee

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Structured support

Set up a plan of attack with your advisor, and stay on track with weekly check-ins.

Enjoy your new job!

In the future, come back as a successful DecodeMTL alumni to tell your success story to new students.🎉

Course FAQ

  • I’m a beginner, can I still apply?
  • Absolutely! We encourage everyone with an interest in programming wanting to join our course to apply, regardless of your skill level. If you have never coded before, we have developed a free Prep Course which you can do on your own time before committing to take our course. This is meant to teach you the fundamentals required for our course, as well as give you a taste for what web development is. If you are still unsure whether or not you should apply, we suggest you schedule a visit or call so we can take the time to speak to you one-on-one.
  • How does the application process work?
  • Please read this post regarding our admissions process.
  • How do you help with my portfolio?
  • It all starts with the fact that you will write a lot of code. Your GitHub account will be filled with assignments, projects, and workshops from class. You will also have the opportunity to build-out a handful of mini projects, and one to two larger applications that you can feature on a portfolio site. Keep in mind it will be up to you to polish up your projects and get them online.
  • What does a successful student look like?
  • A successful Decode student is hardworking and motivated. They show up everyday and put their 100% into learning, practicing, and becoming better developers.
  • What is the overall time commitment?
  • The bootcamp lasts 8 weeks, and you can expect to be here from 10am to 9pm most days (Monday to Friday). After the 8 weeks, if you are looking for employment, you can expect to dedicate about 40+ hours a week, between looking for a job and practicing your code.

    During the bootcamp, you will not receive “homework”. The reason you can expect to be working into the evening is because your homework is done during bootcamp hours. That said, there is always supplemental learning you can be doing on the side.

    Joining the bootcamp is a big commitment, and we expect you to take it seriously. Working another job during the bootcamp, taking vacations, and missing classes are not permitted.

  • What are the laptop requirements?
  • Mac, Windows, or Linux are all permitted. You need at least 4GB of RAM, an 11inch or larger screen, and it must be no more than 3 years old.
  • When should I apply to an upcoming cohort?
  • We recommend applying at least 3 months before your desired start date. For one, you will have a better chance to get the early bird discount (save $500). Secondly, it will give you ample time to do our prep-course and prepare for your technical interview. It will also ensure that you can get a seat in the class of your choice, and not have to worry about the course being full.

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