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  • What is a coding bootcamp?
  • A coding bootcamp is a fast and intensive way to learn to code. Unlike traditional education, bootcamps offer a very hands-on approach to learning. With eight or more hours per-day of coding and working on projects, you will find yourself job-ready in a period of months rather than years.

    There is a ton of information online about coding bootcamps. Before you consider applying, we suggest reading through some Quora answers about bootcamps.

  • What is DecodeMTL?
  • DecodeMTL is a coding school which specializes in teaching Web Development. We teach coding skills through project based teaching. We were founded in 2014, with the goal of teaching more people to code, and filling the talent gap in the job market for developers. Our courses teach the most relevant, and up-to-date technical skills used by today's top companies. You can read more about us here.
  • Why should I attend DecodeMTL?
  • If you want to kickstart your career in Web Development, DecodeMTL was built just for you. Our graduates go on to do amazing things; from launching companies to becoming developers at startups and tech companies, DecodeMTL grads are able to pursue their passion for coding in incredible ways.

    Our teaching staff are developers, consultants, and educators at companies that use what we teach on a daily basis. Our curriculum is updated regularly with new industry standards, and our small class sizes ensures you get one on one attention.

  • Will I receive a certificate or diploma upon completion of the course?
  • Coding Bootcamps are typically non-accredited institutions. Meaning, we are not recognized by the Quebec ministry of education. Therefore, we do not give out diplomas or certificates.

    That said, you don’t need a diploma to get a job in this field. Our students are getting hired quickly after graduation. They do this by demonstrating their passion for coding, a strong work ethic, and a portfolio of code that they put together before, during, and after our course. Your biggest asset is your ability to write code. Throughout our rigorous course, we will make sure you write a lot of it!

  • What happens after the bootcamp?
  • No matter what your goals are, we are here to ensure they come to fruition. Some students opt to return to previous jobs or go back to school, however, many begin looking for a new career as a developer. With our career services, we will guide you through this process.

    We have outlined more details in our career services section below. Please make sure to read through it for more information 😊

  • Do you accept international students?
  • Yes absolutely. Since DecodeMTL is only an 8-week program, most international students are welcome on a tourist visa.
  • Do you offer student housing?
  • We have partnered with EVO Montreal, to offer housing to those wishing to take our course from outside of Montreal. EVO offers fully furnished, move-in ready housing just 5 minutes away from DecodeMTL. You can read more about EVO here.
  • Are your courses taught in English or French?
  • Our courses and material are all taught in English. The language of the Web, and all documentation is generally in English, so students wishing to join us should have a basic working proficiency in English. However, our staff is fully bilingual, and many of our students are francophone. Questions can be asked in your language of choice, and we will help you in your own language. You can also do your final presentation in French or English.
  • Where are you located?
  • Our office and class is located in downtown Montreal in the Place Ville Marie complex. We are part of the WeWork co-working space located on the 4th floor of 3 Place Ville Marie.
  • Who can attend your courses?
  • Anyone! There is no required experience or education level to take our courses. We welcome students from all backgrounds so long as they are passionate and ready to learn!

    Some basic technical skills are required, and those are outlined in the Bootcamp section of the FAQ below.

  • Can I schedule a visit or phone call to learn more?
  • Absolutely! We would be more than happy to speak with you over the phone, or show you around for an in-person visit. Please email us at [email protected] to schedule a time at your convenience.


  • Do you offer financial assistance?
  • Yes, through the National Bank of Canada, students may be eligible for a student line of credit. These student loans are low interest and offer flexible repayment options. Contact us for more details.
  • What methods of payment do you accept?
  • Payments can be made by cheque or direct deposit.
  • How much is tuition and what does the payment schedule look like?
  • For the in-person bootcamp, the price is $9,995 CAD. We offer early bird pricing for those who have been accepted 30 days or more before the start of their desired bootcamp. The early bird price is $9,495 CAD. GST and QST must be added to the price of tuition.

    Upon acceptance into our program, a 10% deposit is required to secure your seat. The balance is due two weeks before the course start date.

  • Are there any extra fees for books, software, etc.?
  • Nope! All of our documentation, software, and material is included in the price of tuition. Most of what we use as developers is open source, meaning it is publicly available for free. All of our course materials (notes, videos, code samples, etc.) will be shared with you throughout the course.
  • What is your refund policy?
  • We offer a pro-rated refund policy. After you pay your 10% non-refundable deposit, the balance of your tuition can be refunded on a pro-rated basis.
  • How do I get the early bird discount?
  • To get the early bird discount, which only applies to the in-person program, you must be accepted into the course at least 30 days before the start date. For more information on the application and acceptance procedure see the Bootcamp FAQ below, or read “the admissions process” blog post.


  • I’m a beginner, can I still apply?
  • Absolutely! We encourage everyone with an interest in programming wanting to join our course to apply, regardless of your skill level. If you have never coded before, we have developed a free Prep Course which you can do on your own time before committing to take our course. This is meant to teach you the fundamentals required for our course, as well as give you a taste for what web development is. If you are still unsure whether or not you should apply, we suggest you schedule a visit or call so we can take the time to speak to you one-on-one.
  • How does the application process work?
  • Please read this post regarding our admissions process.
  • What do you teach?
  • Our main focus is on Full-Stack Web Development with JavaScript, and the languages/tools that surround it.
  • Why full-stack JavaScript?
  • As full-stack web developers, you will come to write both server-side and browser-side code. Web browsers understand mainly three languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you're going to add any interactivity to web pages, then JavaScript is the only way to go. While there exist other languages that compile to JavaScript, popular libraries like jQuery, Backbone, Angular and React have ensured that JavaScript remains the language of choice for building web applications today.

    As far as server-side development goes -- the part that happens in the background, away from the user's computer -- there are many choices of languages and platforms. Ruby on Rails, Python with Django, PHP with Laravel, Java with Play Framework, etc. Choosing to learn JavaScript with NodeJS for server-side development has many advantages. As a modern web developer, you have to constantly juggle with different parts of the stack at the same time. Having a unified language eases this constant context-switching, and gives us more time to focus on learning interesting things.

    Learning JavaScript does not limit you to the world of web development anymore. Frameworks such as React Native allow you to use JavaScript and a variant of CSS to build native iOS and Android applications. Platforms such as the Tessel Board allow you to write NodeJS-style code to retrieve data from real-world sensors and send commands to actuators, enabling you to prototype home automation solutions with JavaScript.

  • What is your teacher to student ratio?
  • We want to ensure that every student has access to all the help they need. Our teacher to student ratio is 1:10 (one teacher for every ten students) or less most of the time.
  • What are the technical requirements for being accepted to the bootcamp?
  • To be accepted, you must pass a technical challenge. It will test your problem solving skills and basic JavaScript knowledge.
  • What are the non-technical requirements for being accepted to the bootcamp?
  • We are looking for students who are driven, motivated, and passionate. Decode students must be curious and ready to learn. Also: no mean people 😈
  • How do you help with my portfolio?
  • It all starts with the fact that you will write a lot of code. Your GitHub account will be filled with assignments, projects, and workshops from class. You will also have the opportunity to build-out a handful of mini projects, and one to two larger applications that you can feature on a portfolio site. Keep in mind it will be up to you to polish up your projects and get them online.
  • What does a successful student look like?
  • A successful Decode student is hardworking and motivated. They show up everyday and put their 100% into learning, practicing, and becoming better developers.
  • Are students graded or tested?
  • We do not give grades or tests throughout the bootcamp. However, we are constantly evaluating your work and will be providing feedback in real-time.
  • What is the overall time commitment?
  • The bootcamp lasts 8 weeks, and you can expect to be here from 10am to 9pm most days (Monday to Friday). After the 8 weeks, if you are looking for employment, you can expect to dedicate about 40+ hours a week, between looking for a job and practicing your code.

    During the bootcamp, you will not receive “homework”. The reason you can expect to be working into the evening is because your homework is done during bootcamp hours. That said, there is always supplemental learning you can be doing on the side.

    Joining the bootcamp is a big commitment, and we expect you to take it seriously. Working another job during the bootcamp, taking vacations, and missing classes are not permitted.

  • What are the laptop requirements?
  • Mac, Windows, or Linux are all permitted. You need at least 4GB of RAM, an 11inch or larger screen, and it must be no more than 3 years old.
  • When should I apply to an upcoming cohort?
  • We recommend applying at least 3 months before your desired start date. For one, you will have a better chance to get the early bird discount (save $500). Secondly, it will give you ample time to do our prep-course and prepare for your technical interview. It will also ensure that you can get a seat in the class of your choice, and not have to worry about the course being full.
  • How big are your class sizes?
  • Our maximum intake for any given cohort is 20 students.

Career Services & Job Guarantee

  • How do you help me get a job?
  • It all starts with our curriculum and teaching process.You will learn to work in teams, basic project management and delegation skills, as well as working with deadlines throughout your final project. You are learning a very in-demand skill, and you will have written an ample amount of code to be able to demonstrate your abilities at the end of the bootcamp.

    Once the bootcamp has ended, we work with you one-on-one to assist you with everything related to the job search. We help you with: resume and cover letter writing, Linkedin profiles, interview skills, and network connections.

    On the last day of the bootcamp, we host a Demo Day where you will present your final project to our hiring partners. Networking follows the presentations where students begin talking with potential employers.

    Lastly, to ensure you feel confident that you will find employment after the bootcamp, we have put a Job Guarantee into place. If you have done all your work (job search diligently, practice your coding) and cannot find a job within 6 months of graduating DecodeMTL, we will refund your full cost of tuition.

  • What kind of job can I expect after graduation?
  • You can expect a job as a Web or Software developer. Most grads opt to specialize in either Front-End or Back-End development, although a handful will take on Full-Stack roles.
  • What types of companies hire your grads?
  • All kinds! Large companies to startups, agencies, industries, etc. For more information on where our grads have ended up, see our alumni page.
  • What is the job guarantee?
  • If you do not find a job within 6 months of completing the bootcamp, your tuition will be reimbursed. This does not mean you can sit on your bum for 6 months though 😉. Please read our fine print for more details.
  • Who is eligible for the job guarantee?
  • Anyone taking the in-person bootcamp is eligible for the job guarantee. In order to be refunded you must search with diligence for a job, and practice your coding, daily. Please read our fine print for more details.
  • I’m looking to hire developers, who do I contact?
  • For all hiring inquiries please contact [email protected].

Wait I still have questions!

No problem! If you have additional questions shoot us an email